Connect - Seal - Protect

  • Filoform acquires cable-accesoiries
    operation in Germany

    • GT Elektrotechnische Produkten GmbH,
    • From December 1st part of the Filoform group


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  • New resin injection pump

    • Increased volume, also suitable for 710ml packages
    • Less resin mixing time
    • Quick-fit bayonet closure


    Injection Pump 710ml

  • Divisible miniduct seals

    • Now also available in 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8mm
    • Suitable for retrofitting
    • Creates a perfect seal within seconds

    Miniduct seals

    miniduct seals

  • New types of gauze

    • Strong reduction of the labour time
    • Reduction of the number of faulty joints
    • More ergonomics at work


    FiloSlim 3D gauze

    3D gaas