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Filoform sealing caps have been developed to provide an effective and simple solution to all splash water and dirttight sealing requirements in HDPE ducts and protective sleeves.

The sealing caps are standard dirt and splash watertight. After mounting with sealing compoundFiloform Fill & Seal ( 80840) the Filoform sealing plugs easily exceed thespecifications of NEN 2768.

The Filoform sealing caps are made from a high quality TPE, this material has a hardness of 40 Shore A.

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  • Splash water and dirttight sealing
  • Formed from one part
  • Easy to install
  • Durable sealing
  • made from high quality TPE
Image Item number Diameter pipe Recesses
16mm 2x4mm 822617 16mm 2x4mm
kap 40 / 10x7mm 822410 40mm 10x7mm
kap 40 / 5x10mm 822613 40mm 5x10mm
kap 40mm / 4x10-12 822615 40mm 4x10-12mm
kap 40mm dicht 822616 40mm closed end cap
kap 50mm / 5x12mm + 2x12mm 822510 50mm 5x12mm + 2x12mm

kap 50mm / 7x10mm
822507 50mm 7x10mm
  • Material : TPE
  • Hardness : 40 Shore A
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Sku Product Name Maximum cable or pipe diameter in the duct (mm) Outside diameter HDPE duct (mm)

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Order unit
822617 Sealing cap 16/2x4mm (type16) 2x4mm 16 Order unit 10 pcs/carton
822410 Sealing cap 40/10x7mm (Type 7) 10x7mm 40 Order unit 40 pcs/carton
822613 Sealing cap 40/5x10mm (type13) 5x10mm 40 Order unit 40 pcs/carton
822615 Sealing cap 40/4x10-12mm (type14) 4x10-12mm 40 Order unit 40 pcs/carton
822616 Sealing cap 40mm closed (4x10mm) (type15) closed end cap (4x10mm) 40 Order unit 25 pcs/carton
822510 Sealing cap 50/5x12mm + (2x12mm) 5x12mm + 2x12mm 50 Order unit 25 pcs/carton
822507 Sealing cap 50/7x10mm (type10) 7x10mm 50 Order unit 25 pcs/carton