Nitto tape SPV3103H

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  • Protecting objects during production, transport and storage
  • Masking of text on road signs, traffic lights and protection of cabinets for traffic control systems during transport
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  • PE foil with a pressure sensitive rubber based adhesive
  • Easy and without lagging adhesive to remove
  • Applicable to stainless steel, anodized aluminium, plastic and coated materials
  • Good mechanical protection
  • Easy to unwind
Film type
Polyethylene film
Adhesive type
rubber based 
Total thickness
100 µm
EN 1942
Adhesion to 2B steel
250 cN/20 mm
EN 1939
Tensile strength MD
35 N/20 mm
EN 14410
Elongation MD
300%EN 14410
Weatherability to 2B steel
300 uurISO 4892-2
Storage temperature conditions
Storage humidity conditions
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81020 Surface protection foil PE SPV3103H, 100mm x 100m black 100mm x 100m x 0,1mm black Order unit 15 pcs/carton