Universal HDPE sealing plugs

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Filoform sealing plugs have been developed to provide an effective and simple solution to all splash water and dirttight sealing requirements in HDPE ducts, protective sleeves and diamond-drilled ducts.

The sealing plugs are formed from one part, with a seam part. Due to this unique construction, the plug can be usedas blind and sealing plug.

Furthermore, the sealing plug is inside specially shaped. This special shape enables you to adapt the plug easily tothe diameter of the cable or subduct. This enables you to obtain savings in inventory costs since only a very limitednumber of types of plugs are needed.

The Filoform sealing plug is directly applicable in situations where a blind plug temporarily without cable or subductinside the HDPE duct should be sealed or to seal openings for future transit extensions are provided.

To apply the sealing plug, the plug can be adjusted to the correct cable or subduct diameter by shortening the plugusing the size chart on the packaging.

The sealing plugs are standard dirt and splash watertight. After mounting with sealing compound Filoform Fill & Seal (art.nr. 80840) the Filoform sealing plugs easily exceed a gas- and watertight sealing of 0.2 bar.

The Filoform sealing plugs are made from a high quality TPE, this material has a hardness of 40 Shore A.

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    • Dirt and splash watertight
    • Plugs easily exceed thespecifications of NEN 2768 with Filoform sealing compound
    • Formed from one part, with a seam part
    • Easy to install
    • Durable sealing
    • made from high quality TPE
    Image Item number Duct opening Cable diameter Dimension
    3232mm 82212

    27,0 - 28,5mm

    6,0 - 16,0mm

    Length 49/40mm

    Diameter 28,9mm

    4040mm 82217 31,5 - 33,0mm 5,0 - 22,0mm

    Length 60mm

    Diameter 35,7mm

    4040mm 82214 34,4 - 36,0mm 6,0 - 22,0mm

    Length 63,5mm

    Diameter 36,8mm

    5050mm 82215 39,5 - 41,5mm 8,0 - 20,0mm

    Length 84,0mm

    Diameter 42,5mm

    plug doorsnede

    • Material : TPE
    • Hardness : 40 Shore A
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    82212 Sealingplug HDPE 32mm 27,0-28,5 6,0-16,0 Order unit 40 pcs/carton
    82217 Sealingplug HDPE 40mm HW 31,5-33,0 5,0-22,0 Order unit 40 pcs/carton
    82214 Sealingplug HDPE 40mm TW 34,4-36,0 6,0-22,0 Order unit 30 pcs/carton
    82215 Sealingplug HDPE 50mm 39,5-41,5 8,0-20,0 Order unit 10 pcs/carton