Our focus

At Filoform, we focus on you - our customers.

From the moment you contact us, you are assured of a friendly reception and a prompt response to your queries. We promise you our undivided attention and we will carry out your instructions to the letter.

Our dedicated, close knit and professional team will engage with you, to find out exactly what you want in order to supply you with the best solutions you need, in your specialized market sector. We also aim to continuously improve on our service to you, however we can, wherever we can.

We will act with openness, honesty and complete transparency in all of our dealings with you - in sales, production, research, administration and management.

Simply put, we want you to enjoy the best experience possible as a customer of Filoform.

Our mission

As energy, communications and continuous innovation are all inextricably linked with our lives today, modern communication and utility networks will play a vital role in the creation of our future society.

Filoform’s mission is to assist you in planning for this opportunity now and to provide you with the best solutions, applications and products to protect your investment in the future.

This future includes:

  • The development of highly efficient and smart energy grids with which the end user has a relationship - both as a buyer and seller of energy.
  • The creation of decentralized energy production systems to meet local demand for electric mobility.
  • The utilization of new, safer and sustainable energy sources like wind and solar power.
  • Changing the way in which we work by planning and developing high data capacity fibre optic networks and different types of mobile communications networks.

Our expertise

For over 60 years, we have developed expertise in manufacturing and supplying quality products and solutions to connect, seal and protect the underground cable networks of our international and domestic customers.

In the coming years, we would like you and your organization to enjoy the benefits of our expertise and the total support of our team by:

  • Ensuring the reliability of your underground cable and ducting network infrastructure with our quality connect, seal and protect products.
  • Providing innovative, sustainable and competitive solutions to meet your network’s current and future growth requirements.
  • Protecting your investment in cable and fibre optic networks.

Our solutions

We supply a comprehensive range of quality solutions, applications and products to meet the general, specialist and bespoke requirements of cable, fibre optic and utility networks.

Our solutions will:

  • Connect, seal and protect your underground cable and ducting infrastructure.
  • Ensure the safe and secure supply of electricity.
  • Match and meet the demands for growth and diversification on cable, fibre optic and utility networks.
  • Always meet best industry standards.

R&D for you

We are at the forefront of R&D in our industry. This ensures that we meet our customers’ evolving demands with effective, bespoke and smart solutions.

Our R&D team would welcome the opportunity of discussing your requirements with you and assisting in the future planning of your network. Click here to contact us.