Advancing Towards a Renewable Energy Future



In today's rapidly evolving world, the demand for efficient, resilient, and sustainable energy infrastructure has never been greater.

The Middle Eastern energy market has seen rapid growth and increasing demand. As the region strives to diversify its energy mix, enhance infrastructure resilience, and optimise operational efficiency, the role of innovative and sustainable infrastructure solutions has never been more crucial.

FILOform, a specialist in sustainable solutions designed to connect, seal, and protect cables and ducting infrastructure networks will be exhibiting at the Middle East Energy Exhibition on the 16th-18th April on stand H.1 H30.

Launching the FST-Line straight through cast resin joint, designed for armoured and unarmoured plastic cables, signal & control, and paper-insulated cables. The comprehensive system is available in sizes 4 x 1.5mm² - 4 x 400mm², is easy to handle on-site, durable and enables a much safer, faster installation process. Tested according to DIN EN 50393 (VDE 0278-393):2015-10 the FST-Line cast resin joint is the ideal solution to connect, seal and protect cables.

FILOform's universal MD2, MD5 and FiloSeal+ HD duct sealing solutions provide highly flexible and effective prevention against water, gas, rodents, and fire hazards.

Engineered for sealing a choice of cable and pipe diameters, the FILOform duct sealing system uses a range of supporting systems, such as duplex foam or hexagonal tubes, which are built up like a honeycomb structure to support the transition of the cable through the duct space, providing separation between the cable and the surface of the transition material while also providing a strong backing for the duct sealing material to be applied to.

To find out more about how FILOform products can support the delivery of your projects get in touch here.



Striving for a Sustainable future

As a business dedicated to working responsibly, our success is becoming increasingly dependent on our ability to manufacture and deliver sustainable products and solutions at our sites.

It is with great pride that we can celebrate our FILOform Netherlands facility has been certified as Level 5 on the CO2-Performance Ladder. FILOform’s achievement is a key example of how as a group of businesses we are accepting the challenges faced within the manufacturing and supply industries. The Level 5 accreditation is a great step toward our goal to become global leaders in the fight against climate change.

The CO2 Performance Ladder
The CO2-Performance Ladder is a measuring tool that allows for accreditation of organizations that are actively reducing their CO2 emissions within the business sector. This achievement allows FILOform to benefit from not only the innovative solutions put in place to obtain the accreditation, but also through awarding advantages for public contracts.


Since 2015 FILOform have reduced CO2 emissions by 95% and have partnered with a tree planting programme in Brazil to offset the final 5% - in line with our Carbon Zero Climate Pledge.

The Future
FILOform’s achievement has paved the way for Cubis and NAL to seek innovative solutions to reducing our CO2 emissions. We are:

      • Increasing the number of solar panels on our Cubis sites, with panels underway in Lurgan and further planning for installation at our Roscommon and High Carr facilities.
      • Research into the use of solar farms and wind turbines is being conducted with hopes for a switch to greener energy sources across our business.
      • Switching to electric forklifts as part of NAL’s warehouse improvement plan.
      • Introducing new LV lighting within NAL warehouses and automatic lighting in office spa
      • Continuing to find new and innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint across our business, in line with our Carbon Zero Climate Pledge.

Our People
Alongside our Carbon Zero pledge we are working tirelessly to ensure our all our businesses meet our social sustainability goals. As we look towards a future filled with innovative product solutions, we also strive for a workforce that is nourished by our practices and encouraged to develop as society progresses.

How we are sustaining our people:


Through such innovation and initiatives, we aim to continue to drive progress for society and the environment through our sustainability approach and the delivery of value-added solutions and products.


Filoform lucht

For even more dynamics: Filoform under the umbrella of CRH plc

To further exploit the international growth potential. as of May 1st 2019, Filoform has been acquired by CRH plc, a world-leading company in building materials. Filoform becomes part of CRH’s “Network Access Products” platform. This step offers Filoform new opportunities in the field of research, development and production of high-quality, innovative products at an international level.

About Filoform

Filoform, with a clear focus on corporate social responsibility, is located in a brand new, extremely sustainable business location in Geldermalsen, The Netherlands. Filoform has over 50 years of experience and expertise as a manufacturer of materials for connecting, sealing and protecting the underground cable networks. With a constantly increasing demand for data and energy, these products are essential for the construction of a reliable and future-proof cable network. Besides its head office in the Netherlands, Filoform has its own offices in the United Kingdom and Germany and exports its solutions to more than 40 countries.

About CRH

CRH is a leading group of suppliers of practically all types of building materials. The company is active worldwide and has around 90,000 employees in around 3,800 locations in 32 countries. CRH is the largest building materials company in North America and the second largest in the world. The Group has leadership positions in Europe as well as established strategic positions in the emerging economic regions of Asia and South America. CRH is committed to improving the built environment through the delivery of superior materials and products for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure, housing and commercial projects. A Fortune 500 company, CRH is a constituent member of the FTSE 100 index, the EURO STOXX 50 index, the ISEQ 20 and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) Europe. CRH’s American Depositary Shares are listed on the NYSE.

Through the connection with the CRH network, we gain access to a large international platform of knowledge and experience, which enables us to offer you even more customer-oriented and innovative solutions. Filoform will remain self-sufficient in the future. Nothing changes for you: you will keep the same contact person at the location you know.

Filoform lucht

New headoffice Filoform B.V. in the Netherlands

After eighteen succesful years in our old office, we have now moved to a brand new facility. This state of the art building was specially designed for Filoform and is equipped with the latest technologies in the area of sustainability.

Partly thanks to this new location, Filoform can continue supporting customers in the future with specialist knowledge and innovative products.

The new location plays an important role in realizing our goal of achieving a CO₂ reduction of 93% by 2020. Below an overview of some energy-efficient applications in the new building.

  • 650 solar panels
  • Hot and cold storage (soil energy)
  • LED lightning
  • High-quality insulation
  • Charging facilities electric cars

In addition to these energy-efficient applications, the production lines of our resins have been completely renewed and we are working with larger storage tanks which are directly supplied from a tanker. This reduces the number of deliveries and transport movements in the chain.

The new location offers a nice working environment for Filoform staff with good facilities for a responsible and healthy working environment. All in all, the new building provides a strong foundation for the future of Filoform.

New address:
Filoform BV
De Kraaldert 2
4191PH Geldermalsen

Filoform    Docks    Mengafdeling


Duct Sealing Times, sealing the correct way

Over the past 15 years Duct Sealing has become an important factor when designing and constructing new buildings; however, it remains both a task and a product that a lot of companies overlook and underestimate the time required to effectively seal ducts. The majority of end users & specifications of duct seal products require a quick & simple installation, with a re-enterable seal that can cope in extreme circumstances. Water & Waste Treatment plants, areas where hydrocarbons are present, buildings within high water tables areas, and oxygen suppression systems in data centres are just a few examples (and there are many more) where difficult circumstances are encountered requiring a specialised product to be utilised. Filoform designs and manufactures specially formulated products where one product can cover all requirements.

To read our full duct sealing times blog, please click on the following link.


New website

As a frequent visitor to our site, you will notice that Filoform has a new website. The new website is also suitable for mobile Internet traffic and is even more user-friendly.

On the website you can easily request prices for our products. Simply add the desired items to your shopping cart and place the enquiry request. Our sales department will send you a quotation as soon as possible.

You can also always contact us by mail or telephone via our contact page.


Filoform aquires CO₂ performance ladder certificate at level 5.

Thanks to the ambition to reduce 93% CO₂ by 2020, Filoform B.V. aquired the CO₂ performance ladder certificate level 5.


Filoform is powered by Dutch wind energy

Filoform has again taken a step towards a CO2 neutral objective. From April 2017, Filoform will only acquire sustainable electricity.

Click here for the Nuon DutchWind Certificate.


Filoform BV acquires GT Elektrotechnische Produkte GmbH

On the 1st of December 2015 Filoform BV of the Netherlands acquired the cable accessories business, GT Elektrotechnische Produkte GmbH based in Germany.

This acquisition will combine the strength and innovative character of both organisations and product ranges within the strong production and distribution organisation of Filoform and it will create one of the most complete suppliers of cable jointing and sealing solutions in Germany, UK and Benelux. The combination will extend the product range for customers of both organisations and will enable the new organisation to offer better solutions to all their European and international customers.

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