Anode Caps

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Heat Shrink Anode Caps are used to seal and protect the critical connection between the lead wire and anode.

It provides stress relief, moisture proofing and electrical insulation at the lead wire exit point.
It is a ideal solution to the problem of premature system failure due to corrosion causing the lead wire to come out of the anode.

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  • It is made from a highly cross-linked Polyolefin material
  • Black mastic coated inside the cap is designed to adhere to anode materials and wire insulation
  • Provides water tight sealing

anode cap

selection chart

Properties ValueStandard
Tensile strength12 N/mm² (Mpa) (min)ASTM D638
Ultimate elongation350% (min)ASTM D639
Density1,1 gm/cm²ASTM D792
Hardness45 + 10 Shore DASTM D2240
Water absorption0,2% (max)ASTM D570
CorrosionNon corrosiveASTM D2671

Accelerated ageing120°C for 500HrsASTM D2671
Tensile strength11 N/mm² (Mpa) (min)ASTM D638
Ultimate elongation300% (min)ASTM D638
-40°C for 4HrsNo crackingASTM D2671
250°C for 30 min
No cracking or flowing
ESI 09-11
Shrink temperature125°C
IEC 216
Operating temperatureMinus 55°C to Plus 100°C
IEC 216

Dielectric strength12 KV/mm (min)ASTM D14
Volume resistivity11 x 10¹? (min)ASTM D257
Dielectric constant5 (max)ASTM D150
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