DB-bundle breakout seal

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Filoform DB-bundle breakout seals have been developed to provide an effective and simple solution to all gas and watertight duct sealing requirements.

Depending on the type of DB-bundle, space is created in a 32, 40, 50 or 63mm duct to spread the miniducts from the DB-bundle. These are sealed by the divisible duct sealing set. Subsequently, a similar seal is made between the DB-bundle and the HDPE duct.

The advantage of this solution is that in many underground closures, standard ports for sealing to ducts with a diameter of 32, 40, 50 or 63mm are provided. With this solution, you can make a simple waterproof entry of a DB-bundle.

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db bundle seal

  • Gas and Watertight ≥ 0,25 bar
  • Easy installation
  • Narrow design
  • Recesses in plug are provided with blind plugs

db bundle seal

    Plastic shells glassfibre reinforced
    Closing key glassfibre reinforced
    Sealing plug EPDM
    Sealing up to 0,25 bar
    Pull-out force duct seal vs duct ≥ 1000N
    More Information
    More information

    Set samenstelling

    • HDPE buis
    • Afdichting tussen de individuele ducts in de bundel en de HDPE buis
    • Afdichting tussen de DB-bundel en de HDPE buis.
    • GeÏllustreerde montage instructies

    DB bundle

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    822741 DB bundle breakout seal 40/3x14mm Order unit 2 pcs/carton
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    822753 DB bundle breakout seal 50/9x7mm+1x14mm Order unit 2 pcs/carton
    822760 DB bundle breakout seal 63/7x14mm Order unit 2 pcs/carton
    822770 DB bundle breakout seal 63/24x7mm+1x14mm Order unit 2 pcs/carton
    822771 DB bundle breakout seal 63/12x10mm Order unit 2 pcs/carton
    822772 DB bundle breakout seal 63/4x20mm Order unit 2 pcs/carton