Cabinet Base Sealant Black

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The Filoform Cabinet Base Sealant is designed for use in LV distribution cabinets, public lighting cabinets, cabinets for traffic control, and outdoor transformer station installations.

The casting resin prevents ingress of pests and weed growth or the penetration of the roots of plants. In addition, a solid floor improves the climate within the stations. This ensures less chance of interference and extends the life of the components.


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  • Packaged in set with 2 x 2.5 L.
  • Resin contains no MDI.
  • Prevents ingress of moisture, pests and the instrusion of weeds, roots and plants.
  • Improves the climate inside the street cabinets and transformer stations.
  • Decrease of the sensitivity to interference of the equipment.
  • Extension of the life of the components.
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • Good flow properties.
  • Self levelling characteristics.
  • Good adhesion.
  • Smooth and non-tacky surface.
  • Easy to remove for local input of additional cables and pipes; after wards easy to finish.
Properties Unit Value
Potlife (process time) 5°C minutes 90
Potlife (process time) 23°C minutes 75
Potlife (process time) 35°C minutes 60
Viscosity (mixture) 25°C Pa.s 1
Gel-time minutes 120
Density g / cm³ 1.3
Hardness Shore D 18
Water absorption (30d/23°C) % < 1.0
Weight loss 28d/120°C % 0.8
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