Divisible duct repair kit

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The Filoform divisible duct repair kit is suitable for connecting and repairing subducts which contain a cable. Our divisible sealing system enables you to install it easily onto to existing installations.

By applying the locking keys onto the shells the rubber insert is compressed and creates a firm gas and watertight seal of 0,5 bar.

  • The locking keys can now also be mounted with use of pliers.
  • The new grip rings create a high strain relief on the ducts.
  • Suitable for blowing in new cables. 
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  • Gas and watertight up to 0,5 bar
  • During 30 minutes up to 10 bar
  • For connecting and repairing of damaged ducts
  • Applicable for direct burying
  • Suitable for retro fitting
  • Easy installation
  • Slim design
  • Rubbers seals with color coding


Divisible repair kit 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16mm 42mm x 145mm
Divisible repair kit 18 / 20 / 25 49mm x 145mm

Material specifications

Material shells + closing keys Glass fibre reinforced PA
Materiaal insert TPE
Seal tightness of divisible duct repair kits to duct  0,5 bar 


Tensile strenght duct seal from the duct

Duct size (OD) Value (N)
5mm >100 N
7mm >125 N
8mm >160 N
10mm >200 N
12mm >250 N 
14mm >350 N 
16mm >500 N
20mm >550 N

The measure-speed is 100mm/min
Temperature 20°C 

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823505 Divisible duct repair kit 5mm gray Order unit 10 pcs/carton
823506 Divisible duct repair kit 6mm black Order unit 10 pcs/carton
823507 Divisible duct repair kit 7mm blue Order unit 10 pcs/carton
823508 Divisible duct repair kit 8mm white Order unit 10 pcs/carton
823510 Divisible duct repair kit 10mm red Order unit 10 pcs/carton
823512 Divisible duct repair kit 12mm green Order unit 10 pcs/carton
823514 Divisible duct repair kit 14mm yellow Order unit 10 pcs/carton
823516 Divisible duct repair kit 16mm purple Order unit 10 pcs/carton
823518 Divisible duct repair kit 18mm cyan Order unit 10 pcs/carton
823520 Divisible duct repair kit 20mm brown Order unit 10 pcs/carton
823525 Divisible duct repair kit 25mm orange Order unit 10 pcs/carton