Divisible duct seals 32mm

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Suitable for gas and watertight sealing of 32mm HDPE ducts, which contain mini ducts and / or (fibre optic) cables.

The modular system will guarantee easy installation of various different cable and duct configurations. Our system is divisible so can be applied at installation or afterwards.

The rubber inserts can be custom designed for your specific needs and configuration and will contain (temporary) blind plugs to make the system more flexible at the installation site.

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  • Gas and watertight ≥ 0,25 bar
  • Suitable for retrofitting
  • Easy installation
  • Slim design
  • Includes cores of the recesses
  • Other versions available upon request

ductsealing 32mm

Plastic scales glassfibre reinforced
Closing key glassfibre reinforced
Sealing plug EPDM
Sealing up to 0,25 bar
Pull-out force duct seal vs duct ≥ 1000N
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More information


  • Plastic scales (2 items)
  • Closing keys (2 items)
  • Synthetic rubber plug for cavity shapes (1 item)
  • Illustrated installation instructions

Divisible duct seal

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822680F Duct seal HDPE 32mm/2x7+1x12mm 2x7+1x12mm. Order unit 20 pcs/carton
822669F Duct seal HDPE 32/7x7mm 7x7mm Order unit 20 pcs/carton
8227012F Ductafdichtset HDPE 32/1x10mm+1xC5-15,5mm 1x10mm+1xC5-15,5mm Order unit 20 st./doos
822626F Duct seal HDPE 32mm/1x10mm+3x7mm 1x10mm+3x7mm Order unit 20 pcs/carton
822661F Duct seal HDPE 32/2x10mm+1Cx8-14mm 2x10mm + 1C8-14mm Order unit 20 pcs/carton
822632F Duct seal HDPE 32/3x10mm 3x10mm Order unit 20 pcs/carton
822660F Duct seal HDPE thin wall 32/4x10mm 4x10mm Order unit 20 pcs/carton
8227002F Ductseal HDPE 32/1xC11-16-22mm 1xC11-16mm Order unit 20 pcs/carton
8227007F Ductseal HDPE 32/1xC5-11mm 1xC5-11mm Order unit 20 pcs/carton
822627F Duct seal HDPE 32/12-10-7,5mm 1x12mm + 1x10mm + 1x7,5mm Order unit 20 pcs/carton
822667F Duct seal HDPE 32/3x12mm 3x12mm Order unit 20 pcs/carton
822656F Duct seal HDPE 32/1x14mm 1x14mm Order unit 20 pcs/carton
8227001F Ductseal HDPE 32/12x4mm 12x4mm Order unit 20 pcs/carton