Divisible mini/micro duct seal 5mm

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For easy gas- and watertight sealing of cables in miniducts.

The miniduct seal is easy to mount on new installations and existing installations. Thanks to the clever design, shifting the seal over the fiber now belongs to the past. Due to the compact design this seal can be installed in every situation, even in locations with difficult access.

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  • Gas- and water tight up to 0,5 bar
  • Suitable for retro fitting
  • Easy installation
  • No need to slide the seal over the glass fibre for installation
  • Slim design
  • Other versions available upon request

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Properties Value
Dimensions 21mm x 10mm
Plastic housing PC
Sealing plug TPE
Sealing up to 0,5 bar

Pull strenght duct seal from the duct

Duct size Seal type
OD 823554.x 823555.x 823556.x 823557.x 823558.x 8235510.x 
4 >20 N          
  >20 N        
6     >20 N      
7       >20 N    
8         >50 N  
10           >100 N 
Values are indications, true values may depend on cables, duct and field installations.
The measure-speed is 100mm/min
Temperature 20°C


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miniduct seal

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Order unit
823555.1 Miniduct seal 5mm/0,9mm purple Order unit 100 pcs/bag
823555.2 Miniduct seal 5mm/1,25mm red Order unit 100 pcs/bag
823555.3 Miniduct seal 5mm/1,6mm green Order unit 100 pcs/bag
823555.35 Miniduct seal 5mm/2,1mm blue Order unit 100 pcs/bag
823555.4 Miniduct seal 5mm/2,5mm yellow Order unit 100 pcs/bag