MD2 Duct Sealing System

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Duct sealing system type MD 2 has been developed to provide an effective and simple solution for all your Gas and Watertight duct sealing requirements. Seals internally & externally around the outside edge of the duct

Suitable for ducts with a diameter of 40mm up to 200mm and cables or pipes with a diameter up to 160mm.

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Filoform duct sealing systems have been developed to provide an effective gas and watertight seal of underground cable penetrations. When installing our duct sealing system MD2, you will protect valuables from damage which is caused by gas and water leaks.

Filoform duct seals type MD are based on a specially formulated two-component expanding polyurethane resin. The polyurethane sealant is packed in a transparent plastic bag with a screw ring. In this plastic bag, the two components are separated by a clamping profile. After removal of the clamping profile, the two components are simply mixed together for 30 seconds. The package is now ready for use and can be easily opened with the use of the screw nipple.

After pouring the resin in the duct, the resin starts expanding by forming CO². During the expansion the polyurethane filling material penetrates all areas inside the duct, thus sealing all openings regardless of the shape of the duct or borehole. After this the hardening process starts. The Filoform two component filler provides not only a 100% gas and watertight seal but also offers excellent mechanical strength.

The MD2 system is suitable in situations where more than one cable or pipe is in the duct. The opening of the duct does not need to be completely round.


  • Gas- and watertight 1,0 bar
  • Radon proof
  • Expanding polyurethane sealant with a high density and a closed watertight cell structure
  • Can be used in any shaped or sized duct up to 200mm
  • Easy and quick installation
  • One complete kit for sealing of one duct
  • Seals all known materials: PVC & PE sheeted cables, PILC cables, (HD)PE pipes, PE drink water conduits
  • High mechanical strength, resists ground movement, shocks and vibrations
  • Also suitable for renovation works
  • No architectural measures necessary
  • Used by various utility companies as well as contractors
  • Over 25 years of operational experience
Properties Unit Value
Start time expansion seconds > 95
End time expansion minutes 15
Compressive strength N / cm² > 60
Gas and water tightness 1,0bar 30 days no leakage
Density 10m water column 30 days no leakage
Volume consistency cube 10 x 10cm no change
temperature Cycles, -20°C tot +40°C 10 consecutive cycles no leakage
Vibration test 10 Hz/amplitude 3mm 240 hours no leakage
axial tensile force diameter x 10 N no leakage
Resistance to bending cables 45° in 2 directions >250mm no leakage
Expansion polyurethane foam in pipe cm < 40
Temperature resistance °C +120
Chemical resistance    
0,1N Na₂SO₄ 30 days no degradation
0,1N NaCl 30 days no degradation
0,1N H₂SO₄ 30 days no degradation
0,1N NaOH 30 days no degradation
Diesel 30 days no degradation
Gasonline 30 days no degradation
Molds   good
Radon gas   no transit
Rodents   good
Shelf life months minimal 30
More Information
More information

Download: MSDS safety sheet

MDII Dimensions

  MD2-50 MD2-110 MD2-125 MD2-160 MD2-200 MD2-250
A 80 130 150 200 200 300
B 100 150 170 220 250 350
C 80 75 70 90 100 130
D 16 15 15 15 25 25
E 40 70 90 130 160 250
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Sku Product Name Duct diameter min.-max. (mm) Maximum cable or pipe diameter in the duct (mm)

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Order unit
80271 MD2 50mm duct sealing set Ø 50 max. Ø 40 max. Order unit per piece
80261 MD2 110mm duct sealing set Ø 110 max. Ø 70 max. Order unit per piece
80251 MD2 125mm duct sealing set Ø 125 max. Ø 90 max. Order unit per piece
80241 MD2 160mm duct sealing set Ø 160 max. Ø 130 max. Order unit per piece
80246 MD2 200mm duct sealing set Ø 200 max. Ø 160 max. Order unit per piece
80247 MD2 250mm duct sealing set Ø 250 max. Ø 200 max. Order unit per piece