ETON connectors

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  • For the connection of copper or aluminium conductors
  • Suitable on massive and on flexible conductors
  • ETON23 is suitable for conductordiameters from 0,35 till 0,90mm
  • ETON23EN is suitable for conductordiameters from 0,5 till 1,3mm
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  • Excellent electrical properties, extremely low resistance
  • 100% reliable, the conductors can not be damaged
  • Excellent protection of the connections against gasses and fluids through pre-lubrication
  • Quick and easy connecting, self stripping
  • Close with light pressure, without special tools
  • Isolation is automatically stripped
  • Big contrast area
  • High contact pressure
  • Fire retardant, gel-filled
  • Temperature resistance from -30°C till +100°C
  • Visual check possible through the transparent housing
  • Double "click" when closing the connector
  • High climate resistance
  • Internal lubrication ensuring seal and corrosion protection
 Type connectorCore diameterMax. currentApplication electricity
Application telecom
 Eton YF
23YF0,35-0,906 Amp.Connection, 2 conductors
Splicing, 2 conductors
Eton 23G
23G0,40-0,806 Amp.Branch-off without interuption, 2 conductors
Splicing without interuption, 2 conductors
Eton 23 rood
230,35-0,906 Amp.Connection or branch-off, 2 till 5 conductors
Splicing or Y-branch off, 2 till 5 conductors
Eton 23EN
23EN0,50-1,3030 Amp.Connection, 2 conductors
Connection of above ground cables, 2 conductors
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