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The Filobox cable joint kit is suitable for sealing underground cable connections. The Filobox T40 + GQ gel contains a non-hazardous 2K silicone gel. The GQ gel cures to a soft and sticky high quality sealing gel which creates a durable seal around the cable connection. The GQ gel provides easy re-enterability

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  • Suitable for connecting LV electrical cables, telephone cables and more.
  • Filobox cable joints are especially suitable for outdoor- and underground applications or in a humid environment where and IP68 sealing is required
  • GQ gel is isocyanate (MDi) free with no safety related labelling 
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  • Junction box with 3 cable glands M25
  • Usable for cables with diameter 9-17mm
  • The GQ gel has excellent adhesive strength on metal and synthetic material
  • The GQ gel is based on silicone
  • Contains no MDi / Isocyanate free with no safety related labelling 
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Horizontal and vertical installation possible
  • Optimal electrical protection
  • GQ gel is blue / transparent
  • Waterproof
  • The gel provides easy re-enterability
Material GQ gelSilicone
Temperature range-40°C up to +140°C
Outer dimensions90mm x 90mm x 52mm
Inner dimensions77mm x 77mm x 46mm
Cable glandM25
Cable sizeDiameter 9-17mm
IP-valueIP 68 according to EN 60529: 1989+A1: 1999
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