Filofill P2600 polyurethane resin

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Specially designed for taped resin injection cablejoints up to 10kV. The resin contains polyether polyols, estherpolyols, and fire retardant additives. The hardner is a high quality MDI type. Filofill P2600 does not contain halogens or plasticizers. Filofill P2600 has good anti-corrosion properties and provides good adhesion to metals, ceramics, many different plastics and can be used on all plastic and paper isolated cable types.

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  • Very high resistance against UV, chemicals and earth alkalines
  • Very high hydrolysis resistance
  • No halogens and plasticizers
  • Good visibility of the mixing process through the transparent packaging
  • High impact-resistance
  • Low curing temperature
  • No toxic emission
  • Suitable for all cable materials (PVC, PE, PP and XLPE)
  • In accordance with EN 60455-3-8:2018-02
  • Recommended temperature during application 0°C and +35°C
  • Storage temperature between +10°C and +35°C, short term between -10°C and +50°C
  • Excellent curing characteristics
Properties Unit Value Test Method
Potlife (process time) 0.3L at 5°C minutes 37 IEC 60455-2
Potlife (process time) 0.3L at 23°C minutes 17 IEC 60455-2
Potlife (process time) 0.3L at 40°C minutes 9 IEC 60455-2
Gel-time 0.1L at 30°C minutes 20
Exothermic peak 0.1L at 30°C °C 45
Density g/cm³ 1.33 EN ISO 1183-1
Viscosity at 23°C mPas 1900 EN ISO 2555
Curing under water - Gas volume ml <5 IEC 60455-2
Hardness Shore D 50 EN ISO 868
Tensile strength MPa 11 EN ISO 527
Elongation at break % 61 EN ISO 527
Impact resistance kJ/m² >20 / no break EN ISO 179
Volume resistivity at 23°C Ohm 9,5x10¹⁴ IEC 60093
Dielectric strength at 23°C kV/mm 20 EN 60243-1
Temperature resistance °C -25 tot +120
Dry heat resistance: 28 days at 120°C     IEC 60455-2
Mass loss % 0,4 IEC 60455-2
Impact resistance kJ/m² > 20 / no break EN ISO 179
Wet heat resistance: 28 days at 90°C     IEC 60455-2
Hardness Shore D 45 EN ISO 868
Tensile strength MPa 8 EN ISO 527
Elongation at break  % 40 EN ISO 527
Dielectric strength at 23°C kV/mm 20 EN 60243-1
General information    
Storage temperature °C +10 tot +35
Shelf life months 24
Mixing time minutes 2
More Information
More information

Download: MSDS safety data sheet

Download: Mixing instructions resin packs with injection pump

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