FiloSlim cable repair

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The FILOSLIM Sheath Repair Kit utilizes a totally enclosed mix-and-pour polyurethane resin technology, designed for use as a permanent repair of damaged cable sheaths.

The combination of the Filoform 3D Gauze and the FILOSLIM Injection Resin, enables a quick and easy method of sealing and protecting damaged areas; whilst the hydrocarbon resistant outer sealing tape offers protection in the tough conditions found in direct buried and free-standing applications.

Cables can be buried immediately after the pouring of the resin, and full cure is achieved after one hour. This makes it a quick and reliable alternative to heatshrink repair sleeves but with the added mechanical protection of a hard curing resin. This lends itself to applications where there is a probability or risk of moisture ingress or flooding.

The FILOSLIM LV cable jointing system is approved in accordance with NEN EN 50393.


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  • No heat source required
  • No specialist tools
  • Enclosed mixing and pouring
  • Suitable for cables up to 170mm diameter as standard
  • Suitable for use as a moisture seal
  • Suitable for direct buried and vertical applications
  • Suitable as an outer seal on EPR, XLPE, PVC and PILC LV and MV cable sheaths
  • Void filling properties of the resin, negate the requirement for additional mastic tapes or gap fillers
  • Kit contains all components required; including the resin, tape, nozzles and gloves

Set content:

  • 3D Gauzemat 350 x 300mm (2x)
  • FiloSlim injection valve (2x)
  • FiloSlim resin P2662, 400ml (2x)
  • Wrap around tape 50mm x 10m (2x)
  • Disposable gloves (2x)
  • Emery cloth (2x)
  • Cleaning wipe (2x)
More Information
More information
  • The FiloSlim cable repair set contains two pieces of each part.
  • When using one 3D gauze mat it is suitable for cables with a max. diameter of 90mm
  • When using two 3D gauze mats it is suitable for cables with a max. Diameter of 170mm.
Description FiloSlim cable repair
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