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FiloSlim P2662 is a cold curing two-component polyurethane resin developed for high voltage cable joints up to 10kV. This resin is composed of polyether polyols and ester polyols and has fire retardant properties.

The P2662’s moisture resistant formula is LIW classified (low voltage, insulating, water cured) according to CENELEC HD 631-1 S2 specification. The resin has been specially designed for manual filling.

The FiloSlim resin package comes with an integrated filling nipple. After mixing the resin, the package is placed on the injection valve and opened with a quarter turn. This anchors the pack to the injection valve and the cable joint can now be filled.

Once the cable joint is filled, remove the packaging with a reverse quarter turn. This simple action ensures that both the injection valve and the resin packaging are leak proof. A partially used resin pack can be used in another joint.

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  • Type tested according to: IEC 60455-3-8:2013
  • Its unique low viscosity combined with a thixotropic character ensures optimal flow and easy hand filling of the cable joint.
  • The packaging is very strong, flexible and 100% leak proof.
  • Suitable for all cable materials including PVC, PE, PP, XLPE and PILC.
  • It provides very good resistance to UV rays, chemicals and alkalines.
  • The resin possesses high hydrolysis constancy and good corrosive-resistant properties.
  • No halogens or plasticizers.
  • The resin enjoys high impact resistance.
  • Low curing temperatures.
  • No emissions of toxic substances.
  • Good curing even under wet conditions.
  • Recommended handling temperature is between 0 and +35C.
  • Storage temperature is between +10 and +35C, short term -10 and +50C.
  • Mixed resin that remains in the packaging hardens completely and can be disposed of as normal industrial waste.
  • The transparent two-component packaging enables visualization and ensures an optimal mixing process.
Properties Unit Value Test Method
Potlife (process time)    
0.3 l at 5°C minutes 34 IEC 60455-2
0.3 l at 40°C minutes 7.5 IEC 60455-2
Density g/cm³ 1.2 EN ISO 1183-1
Impact strength kJ/m² 33.8 (no break) EN ISO 179
Hardness Shore D 41 EN ISO 868
Tensile strength MPa 8.29 EN ISO 527
Elongation at break % 112 EN ISO 527
Curing in the presence of water - Gas volume ml 0 IEC 60455-2
Volume resistivity at room temperature Ohm 1,1x10¹⁵ IEC 60093
Dielectric strength at room temperature kV/mm >20 kV/mm EN 60243-1
Temperature resistance °C -25 tot +120
Shelf life months 24
Mixing time minutes 2
Dry heat resistance: 28 days at 120°C     IEC 60455-2
Mass loss % 2.89 HD 631.1 S2: 2007-12
Impact strength kJ/m² 23.7 EN ISO 179
Wet heat resistance: 28 days at 90°C     IEC 60455-2
Hardness (retention/original) % 85 EN ISO 868
Tensile strength (retention/original) % 85.5 EN ISO 527
Elongation at break (retention/original) % 122 EN ISO 527
Dielectric strength  kV/mm 18.1 EN 60243-1
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More information

Download: Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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