Heat-shrink connection joints

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  • Low voltage 0,6/1 (1,2) kV, Telecommunication and Signalisation
  • Inside / outside underground, above ground, underwater, in cable ducts
  • For use with crimp connectors
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  • Compact dimensions
  • Good resistance against UV and chemicals
  • High shrink ratio
  • Fast shrinking
  • High tensile strength
  • Excellent adhesion to all plastic insulated cables and metal components
  • Light weight
  • Installation instructions with drawings
  • Approved EN 50393:2006-11 (DIN VDE 0278-623:1997-01)
  • cadmium free


Article ref. Product name

Inside heat shrink tubes
(4 or 5 pcs.)

Outside heat shrink tube (1pce.)
88500100 5 x 1,5-6mm² 12/3 - 50mm 28/6 - 300mm
88500200 5 x 1,5-16mm² 12/3 - 100mm 41/12 - 400mm
88500500 4x 16-50mm² 20/6 - 150mm 55/16 - 500mm
88500800 4x 70-150mm² 30/8 - 250mm 88/26 - 700mm
8002270 4x 95-300mm² 51/16 - 280mm 130/36 - 1000mm
Accessories, connectors, cleaning tissues and sand paper available separately

Technical specifications

Continuous temperature limit -55°C till + 125°C
Dielectric strength > 20 kV/mm (ASTM D 149-97a)
Volume resistivity > 1x10¹² ohm cm (ASTM D 257-98)
Heatshock (225°C) no damage (ASTM D 2671-98)
Brittleness temparature < -55°C (ASTM D 746-98)
Tensile strength heatshrink material > 12 Mpa (ASTM D 638-98)
Waterabsorption < 0,1% (ISO 62-86)
Colour black
More Information
More information

In all our heat-shrink products, we start from the principle that the products must be reliable and as good as the cable itself. The high quality of the heat-shrinkage products, and to the detailed instructions for use comply with this principle. The large and complete range of heat shrinkable products consists of connecting, transitional and end sleeves and various products for various cable constructions. The products include all necessary materials for a perfect protection of the cable. The shrinkage products are manufactured from quality raw materials with very high cross-linking and can shall be provided with an internal coating. Depending on the application can use these internal coating consist of an adhesive layer, or a mastic layer. The production is carefully monitored according to ISO 9001

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88500100 Heat-shrink connection joint 5 x 1,5-6 mm² Order unit per piece
88500200 Heat-shrink connection joint 5 x 1,5 - 16 mm² Order unit per piece
88500500 Heat-shrink connection joint 4 x 16 - 50 mm² Order unit per piece
88500800 Heat-shrink connection joint 4 x 70 - 150 mm² Order unit per piece
88500900 Heat-shrink connection joint 4 x 95 - 300 mm² Order unit per piece