Insulated piercing connector

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Suitable for making a safe connection of live cables without stripping the insulation from the conductor. The connector is completely safe to touch during the installation. 

  • The connector can be installed without stripping the conductors
  • Man independent assembly thanks to the plastic shear bolt.
  • The insulated connector is safe in use.
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  • Insulated housing
  • Provided with a wall in the middle of the connector
  • Installation without stripping the conductors
  • Thermoplastic shear bolt
  • Piercing technology
  • Plastic insulation: Polypropylene
  • Plastic part of shear bolts: Polypropylene
  • Metal connector housing: Brass or Aluminum tinned extrusion (depending on type)
  • Metal part of shear bolts: Copper, tinned
  • Piercing contacts: Brass, tinned
  • Standards: IEC61238-1 (class to be determined)
  • Other: Dielectric properties:> 10 kV / mm.
  • Recyclable: yes
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PHSR1.0-10RE Insulated piercing connector 1,0-10mm² Order unit 20 st./doos
PHSR1.5-25 Insulated piercing connector 1,5-25mm² Order unit 30 pcs/carton
PHSR2 Tool PHSR & PC11616F connectors Order unit per piece