Kabeline 2444 epoxy resin

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The Kabeline 2444 Epoxy resin has been specially developed for casting and bonding of sensors into the road surface.

This high quality resin has been used over 30 years for conductivity sensors for the alarm slipperiness system of the Dutch highway network, which is managed by Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management). The resin excels in its exceptional mechnical strength and bonding to stainless steel and stone. The Kabeline 2444 resin is particularly suitable for a permanent fixing and securing of sensors into the roadsurface or other mounting applications which require a durable and safe connection.

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  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Suitable for long-term use, extreme conditions and weather influences
  • High hardness of Shore D 88
  • Excellent adhesion to stainless steel, stone, concrete, and asphalt roads
  • Total moisture insensitive
  • Very low shrinkage
  • Excellent curing properties
  • Packed in transparent 2-component pack.
  • Two-component bag with the resin and hardener always supplied in the right volumes and mixture.
  • Resin which remains in the bag after mixing can be left for hardening and can be disposed of as normal waste
Potlife (process time) 23°Cminutes15
Gel-time 23°Cminutes30
Curing time 40°Cminutes30
Densityg / cm³1,50
Compression strengthN / mm²90
HardnessShore D88
Tensile strengthN / mm²75
Impact resistancekJ / mm²20
Shrink%< 1
Thermal conductivityW/m∙K1,1
Shelf lifemonths12
Mixing timeminutes3
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