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  • For unarmoured / cables without earth screen
  • Low voltage 0,6/1 (1,2) kV
  • Inside / outside underground, above ground, underwater, in cable ducts
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  • Compact dimensions
  • Good resistance against UV and chemicals
  • High shrink ratio
  • Fast shrinking
  • High tensile strength
  • Excellent adhesion to all plastic insulated cables and metal components
  • Light weight
  • Installation instructions with drawings
Mechanical propertiesWaardeTest Methode
Tensile strength12 MPAASTM D638
Elongation at break350%ASTM D638
Density1.2 gm/cm³ASTM D792
Hardness45 shore DASTM D2240
Thermal properties  
Accelerated aging120°C / 500 hoursASTM D2671
Tensile strenght11 MPAASTM D638
Elongation at break300%ASTM D638
Heat shock test (250°C / 30 min)No damageESI - 09 - 11
Low temperature flexibility (-40°C / 4 uur)No crackingASTM D2671
Shrink temperature125°CIEC 216
Continuous temperature limit-40°C tot +100°CIEC 216
Electrical properties  
Dielectric strength12 kV/mmASTM D149
Volume resistivity1x10¹² Ohm cm.ASTM D257
Dielectric constant5 (max.)ASTM D150
Chemical properties  
Water absorption0,2%ASTM D570
Resistance for fluids ASTM D543
Resistance for fungiLess than 1ASTM G21
Corrosion resistantNo corrosionASTM D2671
UV resistant350 hours at 700C Xenon method
Smoke densityUL 94 V0 rating - halogen freeASTM - E662
More Information
More information

In all our heat-shrink products, we start from the principle that the products must be reliable and as good as the cable itself. The high quality of the heat-shrinkage products, and to the detailed instructions for use comply with this principle. The large and complete range of heat shrinkable products consists of connecting, transitional and end sleeves and various products for various cable constructions. The products include all necessary materials for a perfect protection of the cable. The shrinkage products are manufactured from quality raw materials with very high cross-linking and can shall be provided with an internal coating. Depending on the application can use these internal coating consist of an adhesive layer, or a mastic layer. The production is carefully monitored according to ISO 9001

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