Nitto 21 PVC tape 50mm x 10m

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Nitto PVC 21 is a premium grade PVC tape coated with a rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive. PVC 21 is accepted as a top quality general use vinyl tape.

The Nitto PVC 21 is a heavy duty general purpose tape which is ideal for wire and cable harnessing, color coding, duct sealing, corrosion preventing, holding and protection.

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Nitto PVC 21 is a genuine “soft” tape. No fillers of any kind are used to guarantee excellent physical properties.

A good balance between adhesion strength, unwind force and film flexibility assures outstanding workability, high conformability and good sealing properties.

The tape has a good resistance against moisture, oils and solutions with acids and alkaline. Nitto PVC 21 is a 190 micron thick insulating tape and is suitable for a wide range of applications. The PVC tape is suited for outside use thanks to the good ageing and weatherability properties

Nitto PVC tapes distinguish itself from cheaper tapes in the following points:

  • pure plasticized PVC (no fillers)
  • non-sticky sides
  • good weatherability
  • good sealing properties
  • high conformability
  • excellent workability
  • WEEE compliant (2002/96/CE)
  • RoHS compliant (2002/95/CE)
  • good moisture and chemicalresistant

Product sheet Nitto tape 21

Nitto tape
  1. Rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive
  2. Primer
  3. Plasticized PVC film
PropertiesValueTest Method
Total thickness0,19mmIEC 60454-2 §4
Tensile strength length direction
220N/10mm² (section)
42N/10 mm width 
IEC 60454-2 §8
Elongation length direction
250%IEC 60454-2 §8
Adhesion to BA steel1,92 N/10mmIEC 60454-2 §11
Adhesion to backing at 23°C
1,75 N/10mmIEC 60454-2 §11
Adhesion to backing at -10°C
4,50 N/10mm
IEC 60454-2 §12
Electrical strength at room temperature
IEC 60454-2 §17
Electrical strength after humid conditioning10,7kVIEC 60454-2 §18
Electrolytic corrosion (23°C)
1x1012 Ohm/25mm widthIEC 60454-2 §7.6
Low temperature properties (-10°C)
no degradation
IEC 60454-2 §9
Penetration at elevated temperature68°CIEC 60454-2 §10
Shear adhesion to backing after water immersion33.0NIEC 60454-2 §13
FlammabilityflammableIEC 60454-2 §19
Max. Operating Temperature+90°C
IEC 60454-2 §21
More Information
More information

Application guidelines

  • The tape should be applied on a clean and dry surface.
  • Apply the tape with a moderate tension and with an overlap of 50%.


If the color or size is not listed in our standard product range on our website, we can order it for you. The minimum order quantity is 10 full boxes per type / color. Below you will find an overview of the possibilities.


  • transparent
  • black
  • blue
  • green
  • red
  • grey
  • yellow
  • white
  • brown
  • isogene-grey
  • light blue
  • orange
  • yellow-green


  • 12 mm
  • 15 mm 
  • 19 mm
  • 25 mm
  • 30 mm
  • 38 mm
  • 50 mm
  • 100 mm 


  • 10 m
  • 20 m 

Core diameter: 31.5 mm

Grouped product items
Sku Product Name Dimensions

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Order unit
80469 A Wrap-around tape 50mm x 10m transparent 50mm x 10m x 0,19mm Order unit 80 pcs/carton
800600.1A Nitto tape 21A, 50mm x 10m black 50mm x 10m x 0,19mm Order unit 80 pcs/carton
800600.6A Nitto tape 21A, 50mm x 10m yellow 50mm x 10m x 0,19mm Order unit 80 st./doos
800600.8A Nitto tape 21A, 50mm x 10m gray 50mm x 10m x 0,19mm Order unit 80 pcs/carton
800600.x Other colours on request 50mm x 10m x 0,19mm Order unit 2560 pcs/pallet