Nitto tape 15 self-fusing butyl rubber tape

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  • Isolation of constant force springs in cable joints
  • Incapsulation of cable joints and endconnections
  • Corrosion protection for repair of cable-isolation
  • Isolation and watertight sealing of cables and pipes which should be protected against moisture
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  • Excellent vulcanising properties. When the tape is applied with a stretch of 80%, it will be vulcanized in 1 – 2 hours
  • No liner and therefore no wasting time for peeling the liner
  • No liner waste material
  • Excellent electrical properties. High isolation values and break down voltage
  • Excellent weather and water resistance
  • Fully resistant against moisture, water, and many chemicals
MaterialSelf-fusing butylrubber
Elongation at breakat least 550% at 23°C
Breakdown voltage44 kV/mm
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800452 Self-fusing butylrubbertape 19mm x 5m x 0,75mm 19mm x 5m x 0,75mm black Order unit 100 rollen /carton
80046 Self-fusing butylrubbertape 38mm x 10m x 0,50mm 38mm x 10m x 0,50mm black Order unit 50 rollen / carton