Nitto tape 225

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Nitto PVC 225 is a high-grade flame-retardant electrical insulating tape consisting of a pure PVC carrier coated with a rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive. The tape is certified for electrical purposes and classified under IEC 60454-3-1-7/F-PVCp/90 and applicable for in- and outdoor uses.

Nitto PVC 225 is an electrical insulation tape for professionals with excellent conformability even in cold weather.

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  • Suitable for electrical insulation applications at high voltages
  • Certified in accordancewith EN 60454 for electical insulation application
  • Excellent flame retardant properties
  • Very suitable for outside use thanks to the extreme wide temperature resistance range -18 °C / +105 °C
  • Good balance between adhesion strength, unwind force and film flexibility gives easy handling
  • perfectsealing properties, avoiding water penetration and increases chemical and electrical resistance
  • The thick carrier (Total thickness 0,19 mm) makes tape 225 suitable for masking applications with goodabrasive resistance, and the tape is resistant to acids and alkalines
Film type(soft) PVC
Adhesive typesynthetic rubber based
Adhesion to 2B steel2,50 N/10mm
Adhesion to backing2,10 N/10mm
Tensile strength at break190 N/10mm²
Elongation at break235%
Electrical strength9,7 kV (51 kV/mm
Corrosion related properties1014 Ohm/25mm
Min. application temperature- 18°C
Max. operating temperature+ 105°C
Flame resistanceself-extinguishing
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