QUICKI cable jacket repair joint

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The gel-filled cable joint technique is a new system with special advantages. It is quick and easy to install and reduces the chance of assembly errors. The impact-resistant case is connected by a hinge for easy installation.

The QUICKI cable jacket repair joint is suitable for repairing damaged cable jackets.  After closing the cable joint the special gel flows together and ensures a good sealing and insulation around the cable. 

  • No special tools required
  • Good adhesion to metals and plastics
  • Approved in accordance with EN 50393
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  • Shells made of hit-proof, halogen-free PP
  • Strong double seal, waterproof
  • UV-resistant
  • Unlimited shelf-life


  • Permanent use with cables and flexible cables for repairing damaged cable jackets.
  • In water, underground, outdoor and installation ducts.


  • Repairs, seals and protects the damaged cable jacket in one single operation.
  • Quick repair without special tools
  • Possibility to re-open
  • Product has no warning marks
  • Economical

QUICKI cable jacket repair joint


⌀ mm

Damaged cable jacket

Length max. mm


L x B x H mm

7 - 16
70121 x 46 x 35GTQR 16
19 - 25
120198 x 66 x 57GTQR 25


QUICKI Repair joint type GTQR


Set content:

  • GEL-filled cable joint
  • Cable ties
  • Mounting instruction


Material scales
halogen-free PP
Material GEL Type GQ
Temperature range GEL-40°C / +140°C
IP 68 in accordance with EN 60529: 1989 + A1: 1999
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88000955 QUICKI GTQR 16 Ø 07 - 16 121x46x35 Order unit per piece
88000956 QUICKI GTQR 25 Ø 19 - 25 198x66x57 Order unit per piece