Straight connection joint

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  • Low voltage 0,6/1 (1,2) kV, Telecommunication and Signalisation
  • Inside / outside underground, above ground, underwater, in cable ducts
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  • Cable joint type tested according to: EN 50393:2006-11
  • Resin type tested according to: IEC60455-3-8:2013
  • Hydrolysis resistant polyurethane resin in transparant 2-component bag
  • Strong transparant snaplock shells
  • Fully waterproof, no leakage of liquid resin
  • Distance spacers included (version 4x10mm² - 4x25mm²)
  • Complete kit, sealing tape, sandpaper, and protective gloves inclusive
  • Installation instruction with clear drawings
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Connectors and/or earthing kits available on request
  • Other shell size dimensions available on request
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80163 Straight connection joint till 4x6mm² Ø 06 - 28 L189 x Ø40 Order unit per piece
80164 Straight connection joint till 4x16mm² Ø 12 - 32 L250 x Ø45 Order unit per piece
80164B Straight connection joint till 4x25mm² Ø 10 - 34 L320 x Ø60 Order unit per piece
80165 Straight connection joint till 4x50mm² Ø 26 - 53 L355 x Ø72 Order unit per piece
8.000907 Straight connection joint till 4x95mm² Ø 30 - 48 L450 x Ø75 Order unit per piece
8.000908 Straight connection joint till 4x150mm² Ø 32 - 68 530 x 132 Order unit per piece
8.000909 Straight connection joint till 4x240mm² Ø 45 - 70 L700 x Ø155 Order unit per piece